Gavin Luke Menichini



Gavin Luke Menichini

I have the privilege to call Texas home, but I find rest anywhere where the outdoors and adventure beckon their capture. Having the opportunity to frequently travel to the Rocky Mountains during my childhood and teenage years cultivated a love and wonder in me for the mountainous outdoors. I've discovered that there are few things that excite me as much as being immersed in the more pristine, majestic regions of this Earth.

During an exciting and challenging freshman semester at Texas A&M University, a strong love for photography gripped me. I began to notice the difference between an image with high clarity and sharpness and an image that was compositionally beautiful and literally awesome. The concept of photography transitioned in me from simply snapshotting a moment by the clicking of the shutter to artistically capturing a story with captivating composition, using light as my paint and my DSLR's sensor as my canvas.

Along with visual storytelling and the outdoors, I'm passionate about Jesus and people; especially those who I have the honor to do life with on a daily basis. Being in authentic community with the people I love is a huge blessing and I'm eternally thankful for them and how they spur me on to live towards my greatest purpose and desire - to be like Jesus and represent Him well in everything I do.

So whether I'm photographing the grandeur of the Rockies, capturing your companies products in thrilling environments, or hanging out with my people, I seek to live life with the fullness of joy, thankfulness, and purpose.